LT Factoring is a financial service organization that specializes in helping businesses meet their immediate working capital financing needs. We provide financial solutions to small and medium sized businesses



LT Factoring specializes in Accounts Receivable financing PO financing and Collection Services.

In contrast to bank credit lines, we provide working capital based on quality of the customer´s receivables. 

Our main goal is work closely with our clients and help them grow. With LT Factoring on your team you will be free to focus on running your company instead of managing your accounts receivables.

what is factoring?

Factoring is assigning the interest in your accounts receivables (invoices) to a factor at a discount.

Many new and growing companies have trouble obtaining traditional bank financing due to their length of time in business, profitability or financial strength.

Factoring allows companies to convert their accounts receivable into immediate cash, therefore, eliminating cash flow problems.


Once you have delivered your customer, and you are able to generate an approved invoice, LT Factoring will fund you.



Improves cash flow.

Helps you meet payroll necessities.

Increases purchasing power.

Improves credit rating.

Increases your company sales volume.

Maintain your business without giving up equity.

No need for collections or accounts receivable personnel.

Provides cash for company growth and expansion.

Provides accounts receivable maintenance.

Take advantage of early payment discounts from vendors.


Do you need to grow?

We can help you

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We are backed by LTF GROUP, a Business Portfolio dedicated to spotting opportunities in challenging markets and then building around them.

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