We develop breeding and store cattle farms, using the Viosin grazing technique in the provinces of Buenos Aires and La Pampa, and a cattle feedlot in the province of Salta.

We have a breeding herd of ten thousand and a team of professional managers in charge of the operation.


Joining efforts with our clients and suppliers we aim to expand the country's productive borders.

Some of the brokers we work with are Colombo y Colombo, Santamarina e hijos, Madelan and Melicurá.

comex & trading

We connect opportunities and challenge barriers. Limits, for us, trigger new business scenarios.

Our team's global and integrating view positions us as International Traders and allows us to analyze and organize requirements and regulations needed to develop businesses globally.

We generate strategic alliances to consolidate global business networks.





We are dedicated to commercializing and exporting grains, agrosupplies, specialities and other services related to the agricultural sector. We are backed by more than 10 years' experience in the field.

We grew amongst farming bonds and understand their logic. We rely on the value of words and trust as main generators of our comercial relationships.

Our team is conformed by experts that work side by side wth grain producers to achieve mutual goals.

Brokerage: Export and commercialization of grains, oleaginous and its derivatives (corn, wheat, soyabean, flour, pellets and expeller) and special products like beans (black, red and others), chickpeas, peas, canary seeds, peanuts, alfalfa and more.



We are a team of professionals with more than 40 years experience in the field of construction. We specialize in civil construction in the province of Buenos Aires.


Seriousness and solvency back all our projects and guarantee efficient, deadlines and high quality results. We work towards our client’s satisfaction.


We have the dynamism and "know how" necessary to solve problems efficiently. We generate proposals that optimize projects technologically, adding value and improving price-quality ratios.

Our target is mainly medium sized constructions for both public and private sectors, prioritizing professionalism, quality, efficiency and time specific results.

We work to build long term relationships with our clients and suppliers.



Our overall strategy as a company is to be in the constant search of opportunities and new challenges for financial and real asset based investments.


We focus on rengineering financial solutions and restructuring capital for our clients. We develop new commercial channels for products and services in Argentina and the world.

We specialize in analyzing the financial, productive and management resources that are required for international commerce . We organize them hierarchically in order to focus each project’s energy, boosting the process and its results.



We provide IT consultancy with the best professionals in the market, highly skilled and with vast experience on the field.


We cater clients in Argentina, Europe and USA.


In Argentina, we work along our customers in the fields of telecommunications, IT, Insurance services,  working on and off site for both private and public sectors.


We boost projects in the differents business units of LTF Group


We provide the following services: Development, SAP and Oracle consultancy, Business Intelligence, Testing and Functional Analysis.



Our strategies and actions are the way we generate global opportunities to invest  and lead the way towards development and growth in individuals and companies.


Detect business opportunities in different industries and markets, focusing on controlling risk and taking care of the investment liquidity, solvency and diversification throughout the proyect. We work towards generating long term business relationships in which we can add value with our activity.


To be a global company developing business with our growing clients portfolio, working side by side with our partners and empowered by ethics and transparency.